Michelle Brennan

Michelle Brennan

As a medium, she not only possesses the skills to see spirits, feel their presence and communicate with them, but possesses the ability to capture them in her photography. Her photographs are leading edge. Her work stepped up to the next level when the orbs commenced channelling through inspirational messages and verses. She presents this work to you with the utmost integrity and trusts you will find the contents educational and inspiring. read more»

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3 years ago, little did I know that when I took the photo, on the cover of my book, that it would have such significance right now at this point in time.  This sacred banyan tree was planted in Hilo, Hawaii, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who led America out of the last Great Depression.  He was quoted as saying these powerful words, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  These words were quoted recently in the newspaper and President Roosevelt has been referred to in recent days in the campaign for the new President of the United States of America.  It is interesting that at such a crucial time, particularly when the world’s financial system is in chaos, that these words of wisdom emerge.  For it is fear itself that drives the world’s troubles today. 

It is also no coincidence that the All Seeing Eye, the Eye of God has timed its appearance in my photography, at a time when the world is facing global warming, extreme climatic conditions, natural disasters, lack of food and water, the senseless killing of men in war, financial chaos and governments in strife.  What more is to come?  Is the All Seeing Eye, a sign?  They say at prominent times in the world’s history God gives us signs.  Is this one of them?  With the appearance of orbs and crop circles around the world are these other signs to be considered?  Are they signs that we are not alone through these troublesome times and that God is by our side?  It is evident that man can be man’s worst enemy and we need to bring about change before it’s too late.  Our very own actions will determine our future and that of the planet. 

The same divine force instructed me to travel across the planet exploring churches, sacred sites, pyramids, temples and other significant places capturing orbs and spirits in my photography, that later channelled through the most amazing inspirational messages and verses.  As a medium, I see orbs with the naked eye, feel their presence and communicate with them.  Orbs are highly evolved spiritual beings.  The verses and inspirational messages in this book are indicative of the energies emitted by these specific orbs and will serve as a guide for you on your journey; included is an account of the circumstances surrounding their appearance.  You will be inspired by the heartfelt messages of love, peace, forgiveness, plus much, much more.  I invite you to take a look at selections from the book, on this website.  I can only hope that they might strike a cord with you and offer guidance to your on your very own journey.  May they inspire you to make a difference of your own, in the world today.